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Who is Eli Speaks?


The Eli Speaks name is inspired by an ancestor of Kate's called Eli Higgins. Eli's existence during the late 1800's is recorded in the barest form; a curious karmic poem written about his lack of speech and a father’s regret. Thought to be mute, his efforts to communicate to those around him were difficult, until the day his father died, relieving him of his “curse”.

"I have been fascinated with Eli's story since I discovered it in a family history book as a teenager. Through creating precious objects, I feel an affinity with his efforts to communicate. Words are not the sole carriers of meaning, precious sentimental objects can convey more meaning and history, than mere words. I aim to create future heirlooms for my clients, to provide a vessel for their own feelings, history, and values.

All Eli Jewellery is designed and hand formed by Kate in the FiveTwelve Studio in Century Building, Melbourne CBD, Australia. 

Kate has more than 10 years experience in the Jewellery trade, having learnt under some of Melbourne's most reputable handmade Jewellers.

Kate's specialty is Art Deco inspired designs, and lately has been combining this with design inspiration from ancient Mayan architecture (of Mexico) to produce the Mexicali Range. 

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